1. Five weeks of half marathon training in four photos. Three months and 8.7 miles to go…

  2. Been walking the neighborhood with my dog, mural-spotting.

  3. Bad.Ass.Mother.Fucker.

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From Buffy to Bella, see how culture’s biggest vampires rank on our sexy-vs.-scary scale.

  5. "The thing about death is that it is not nearly so final or absolute as those in mourning may wish. The sheer momentum of our being has its own trajectory that animates the dead and taunts — or comforts — the living.

    "On the flight from Akron to Boston, as we carried our son’s ashes home, the alarm on his cellphone went off in the overhead compartment, telling him it was time to get up and go to class."

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    LeBron is the girl who hangs out with you all night. And you buy all the drinks. And at the end of the night, she went home with the jerk.

    That’s Shawn Brewster, a Cleveland barkeep, on the potential of LeBron James returning to the Cavaliers.

    I just came across the above quotation on MG Siegler’s excellent blog. And I thought it was important that we all get clear about something:

    LeBron James doesn’t owe Cleveland anything and “that girl” doesn’t owe anything to a guy who buys her drinks either.

    The fact that this comparison exists, that it’s printed in the New York Times, and that people nod their heads or smile or laugh about it really highlights what’s wrong with the way so many men in our society think about women.

    The fact that basketball fans want to see LeBron return to Cleveland doesn’t matter one iota when it comes to what LeBron wants. You know who gets to decide what LeBron wants? LeBron does. If his decision seems like a slap in the face to you, that’s your problem; it’s not LeBron’s problem.

    The fact that a “nice guy” bought drinks for a woman all night doesn’t matter one iota when it comes to whether or not that woman will sleep with him, with someone else, or with no one. The fact that the woman chooses to have sex with “the jerk” is her choice, just as it’s the “nice guy’s” choice to buy her drinks. And let’s not leave aside the fact that the “nice guy” isn’t actually all that nice if he’s thinking about what’s owed to him in this way.

    If this still isn’t making sense to you, go read Dan Gilbert’s rant from the last time LeBron made a free agency decision. And then go read some of the horrific things written by that guy who recently killed a bunch of people in California to get revenge on women who wouldn’t have sex with him.

    Buying drinks for a woman, or even just being nice to her, doesn’t constitute a transaction wherein the woman now owes you sex. If that somehow isn’t clear — if you somehow think you buy what you want from a woman with alcohol or being nice and that she’s required to keep up her side of a transaction that exists only in your mind — you have some very serious problems that go well beyond your hurt feelings over where LeBron James is going to play basketball next year.

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  7. What Else Did Indra Nooyi Say?

    "I think we all live in a world where people are much more focused on quarterly profits than they are on, where is the company headed, and is the quarterly  profit a marker, a mile marker if you want to call it that, towards that long term journey?  What’s happening is that, people are worried about the level of returns rather than the sustainability and the duration of the returns. So for example, any CEO that comes into the job can say to themselves, "I want to run this company for my duration."  So let’s say I’ve come to the job and said, "I want to be CEO for five years."  For five years, in a big company like PepsiCo, you can cut/slash/burn, make enormous earnings, and then let the next person pick up the debris of what you have left for them.  You can easily do that. Or you can run the company for the duration of the company, which is for decades to come — because PepsiCo is a company that’s been around for decades, and it should be around for a much longer time.  And the only way that you run a company for the duration of the company and not the CEO is to invest responsibly in transformation when the world demands a transformation. 

    So when I became CEO in 2006, and then Chairman in 2007, I noticed three trends.  First, the health and wellness trend was here, and here to stay.  I realized then that carbonated soft drinks were going to start declining steadily, and we had to retool the portfolio.  I realized that we had plants that were making Pepsi and other beverages in many water-distressed areas.  We generated a lot of plastic, and that was not very good for the environment, and we had to change our model to be more environmentally sustainable. And I also realized that our people were our biggest asset, and we had to change a lot of things about PepsiCo to attract and retain the best and the brightest. So doing all of these things, shifting the portfolio of a large company, making ourselves environmentally more sustainable when we were good at it but not great at it but we had to be great, and changing so many things about the talent agenda was not something we could do overnight. Couple that with the fact that in 2008/2009 we had the enormous financial meltdown, and the focus of the company shifted to developing markets when we were a North American company. So we set about making one of the biggest transformations in the history of the company. And through it, we performed.

    And some of these investors came and said, “We’d like you to perform at an even higher level.”  Sure, but if you perform at an even higher level, you would have to sacrifice the transformation. I made a decision with my board that I’d rather do what’s right for PepsiCo over the duration of the company, which is decades, rather than doing something that did not have any courage behind it, but was good for me as an individual. I believe that a responsible CEO should do what’s right for the company.  I knew it would be unpopular, but I decided to do what was right, with support of the board.”

    For example.

    Might’ve missed that unless you were looking for it.

  8. Sob.
    — America
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    and mindful of the havoc the Court’s judgment can introduce, I dissent.”

    - Notorious RBG

  10. Dear Prudence,

    "My girlfriend has had countless cosmetic surgeries and recently she insisted I have a facelift. She was embarrassed by my “aged appearance” (we are both 37). I reluctantly agreed and spent thousands of dollars for the procedure. I was even (relatively) pleased with the results. Now my girlfriend has determined that one of my toes is “hideously crooked.” She wants it surgically corrected. I refuse to have what I consider another unnecessary surgery (the toe barely curves and I have had no pain or issues). My girlfriend is horrified that I will be out and about wearing flip-flops with my hideous toe for all to see. She told me I had a choice—her or the toe. When I told her I choose the toe, she agreed to stay if I only wear closed-toe shoes. Forever. I should mention that for 37 she has an amazing body. What do you think?"

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