2. Say what you will about IE, but their devs have balls doing an AMA.
    — Microsoft Internet Explorer developers put themselves out there on Reddit Ask Me Anything, win the crowd, are generally hilarious.
  3. "One time in makeup as Mrs. Doubtfire, I walked into a sex shop in San Francisco and tried to buy a double-headed dildo. Just because. Why not? And the guy was about to sell it to me until he realized it was me - Robin Williams - not an older Scottish woman coming in to look for a very large dildo and a jar of lube. He just laughed and said "what are you doing here" and I left. Did I make the purchase? No. * Did I walk away with a really good story? *Yes.”

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    The Beyoncé/Jay-Z concert in San Francisco is so loud that we can hear it in our apartment 3+ miles away.

    It’s possible we are dancing.

  6. Five weeks of half marathon training in four photos. Three months and 8.7 miles to go…

  7. Been walking the neighborhood with my dog, mural-spotting.

  8. Bad.Ass.Mother.Fucker.

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From Buffy to Bella, see how culture’s biggest vampires rank on our sexy-vs.-scary scale.

  10. "The thing about death is that it is not nearly so final or absolute as those in mourning may wish. The sheer momentum of our being has its own trajectory that animates the dead and taunts — or comforts — the living.

    "On the flight from Akron to Boston, as we carried our son’s ashes home, the alarm on his cellphone went off in the overhead compartment, telling him it was time to get up and go to class."